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Captain England Coat
Captain England Coat
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Product Code: C1023

Name: Captain England Coat

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C1023 - Captain England Coat

Captain Edward England was a famous freebooter at African coast and Indian Ocean from the year 1717 to 1720. He captained the ships including The Pearl, renamed as The Royal. In 1720, The Royal was exchanged with Fancy. He would use the classic Jolly Roger flag with skull, with two crossbones.

Rightfully matching the choices of the adventurous minds, this wine-colored pirate coat is made of Cotton Velvet. It is designed with elegant golden buttons. The pockets & the cuffs have also been decorated with golden buttons to add magnificence. The coat is very well made & can easily withstand numerous wearings.

The achiever only sees the target ignoring all others that come on the way. The mighty pirates envisaged their goals overtaking the obstacles. And endeavored to acquire the treasure crossing over all confinements. Go, grab the pirate coat…

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