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Dalvey Style Compass
Dalvey Style Compass
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Product Code: CO1030

Name: Dalvey Style Compass


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CO1030 - Dalvey Style Compass

Dalvey Style Compass measures about 1 3/4"in diameter and this feature makes it a great size for pocket. It has a loop over its cover, so you can fix it to key chain, belt or backpack. It?s all brass hinged sturdy cover protects it from handling, mechanical and environmental stresses. Premium grade chrome plating keeps it sparkling years after years as it is new. The silver pointer adds extra edge to its physical appeal. Precisely calibrated dial help to know not only the direction but the existing location also. Because of being long lasting, it is the real worth of your small investment.

Designed for Decoration/ Display Purpose only. Not Intended for Practical Use.
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