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Gladiator Maximus Helmet
Gladiator Maximus Helmet
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Product Code: HL1011

Name: Gladiator Maximus Helmet


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HL1011 - Gladiator Maximus Helmet

The gladiatorial games were originally established by the Etruscans, but were later adopted by the Romans as a means of entertainment. Gladiators were typically picked from prisoners of war, slaves, and sentenced criminals. The life expectancy of an average Gladiator was less than a year. If a Gladiator could survive for three years, they had a chance of winning their freedom. Most battles were one man versus another, but on occasion they could be men versus animals, group battles and a variety of other combinations.

Our Gladiator arena helmet is hand forged from 18 gauge steel and is covered with spikes. This helmet is fully functional and as durable and the ones worn in the arenas ages ago.
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