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Hetha Blouse
Hetha Blouse
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Product Code: C1036

Name: Hetha Blouse

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C1036 - Hetha Blouse

It is known fact that Vikings were one of the most famous freebooters of the medieval times. Interestingly, there were also some brave Viking women with manly courage. Hetha was one such Viking lady, whose name motivates the brave women. She was born in 9th century and was able to led the troops.

Wearing the costume named after her create the sense of bravery among the ladies. This is the blouse, which fulfills this purpose. This dark shaded blouse is flamboyant and is an ideal outfit for the lovers of the pirate style. It is made from viscose velvet fabric. The front of this outfit consists of eyelets & drawstrings, which provides the comfortable wearing. Besides, there is pointed end at the back. Long sleeves have a large hanging portion. It also has a strap at the waist that enhances its charisma.

Fabric: Rayon Velvet
Fabric Care: Machine Washable

Hetha Blouse Hetha Blouse

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